22January 2019

Most Amazing Uses of Linux You Can’t Ignore

A few years ago, Linux was not so popular just because it was used specifically for a server which were the greatest drawback of it, as it was not suitable for desktops. But in recent years, there is a lot of changes have appeared in this open-source operating system which steadily improved its position. High Security and stability, easy maintenance, customisation etc. all these features made it extraordinary among all other operating systems. BookMyEssay offers the linux assignment help which help to understand the basic concepts of Linux usage.

Most of the students find it difficult and tedious job when they have to write an assignment on “uses of Linux”. They don’t know how to gather information from the hundreds of sources on this topic. This blog will help to understand the top 3 uses of the Linux operating system which must be known by every student who is going to draft an assignment on this topic.

Automate Anything with Linux

If you have a little knowledge of Linux and a computer like Raspberry Pi, then you can easily do tiny automation. For instance, you can control your home with the help of Alexa or Siri, set up your home with surveillance system, control your air conditioner and blinds, music system in your drawing room, build an alarm clock, all this can be done if you have free OS Linux with cheap board of Raspberry Pi. This operating system kernel enables you to go through this kind of automation if you have a knowledge of it.

Give new life to Slow PC

If you have an old and Slow personal computer, which requires obvious changes and customisation. Then, don’t wait to install a lightweight operating system, that is Linux. For example, Lubuntu or you can go for Archbang, if you savvy. Once you installed this on your pc, it will make it a new machine again. Maybe it’s not possible for Linux to do all the tasks which can be done by your window. But surely, it is much better than a non-functional computer.

Brush Up Hacking Technique

If you are inquisitive to know how the hacking process can be done, then use Linux. Some of its distributions like Kali or BackTrack, are used for testing security which means you can easily learn how to hack WPA Wi-FI or WEP, which is one of the best ways to learn data security and encryption process. You can prevent your systems from information leakage attack as well. Though it’s not good to hack passwords illicitly yet it’s good to keep in knowledge. When nothing can help who knows that technology will save you.

These are not enough advantages of using Linux, there are even more. You can hire college paper writing help on Linux subject which can provide you with a clear detail of the topic and most significant advantages.

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