10September 2019

Salient Features to Write an Effective Conclusion for an Essay

 Writing an essay is quite a tricky task as it requires a lot of effort in collecting information from various sources. Students often face difficulty in completing their assignments and writing the essay. While writing an essay, the most common mistake done by the student is writing a conclusion. They often do summarize the entire paragraph in the conclusion. Whereas, the conclusion sums up the whole idea of the essay. It must be consist of three or five strong arguments of the paragraph without repeating the same sentence used in the introduction and body of the essay. As the introductory part of an essay, comprises of the information related to title. On the other hand, the body of the essay is brief information of the whole scenario related to it and the conclusion is the idea and solutions of the problem and counter-argument of the details mentioned in the body of the paragraph.

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How To Write An Effective Conclusion By Following These Simple Tips:

No New Arguments Should Be Presented: The conclusion of the essay is an important part as it concludes the result of the information mentioned in the introduction and body of the topic. The students often put different ideas in the conclusion. It left readers baffling with the many questions. To avoid such difficulty, a firm argument should be made as conclusion should be comprised of the solution to the problem mentioned in the body of the essay. Personal perceptions often mislead readers as individual has a different set of beliefs on certain social ideas. The conclusion should be presented in an order to provide answers to readers’ questions’.

Avoid Writing A Summary Of The Essay: The conclusion should be creative and filled with information rather than writing a summary. Writing a summary of the essay, in conclusion, shows writers’ incapability of understanding the matter. Though, when there are fewer chances of making an argument then, this method is adopted. Besides, a clear, concise and strong sentence can make a good conclusion.

Justify Your Argument: The argument should be related to the topic of the essay. It must not be emphasized in a verbose manner, as it leaves readers to concern about bogus points and pointless information. Besides, a verbatim argument can allow readers to understand the entire topic easily. Research on the topic must be evaluated in an order to provide relevant information related to the topic.

Prediction on Few Topics: When you are going to write an essay related to the environment. You can predict future problems surmounting to affect the environment due to human activities. It can act as a solution and an important view to make readers concern over it. It is most effective method used in social issues, as it allows the reader to remember the consequences of the mean advantage taken by people from the environmental resources.

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